Coriolis - Discovering the Void

Who's the boss?

Wana got brusied by some of Nivrod Solemani's hired thugs. He wanted to send a message to say when crucial missions comes along he comes first since he is our patron an funded our ship.

Yana got invited to a swanky party of art collectors and was approached by the party host, Alina Niazi, and offered 15,000 ß to find information on and retrieve an artifact of great cultural value possibly from the portal builders from within the forbidden sector of the Monolith. Alina however is a big rival of Nivrod and Nivrod would not be happy if the party retrieved the artefact for her rather than him.

Kef found out that a party went into the forbidden sector to find the artefact and none returned alive apart from one who was flow to Coriolis and is hospitialized. Currently in a coma with very bad scratch marks.


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